Demand for photographic reproduction

Regulations for granting permission for photographic reproduction of works of art from the museums and collections of the Municipality of Rome

1. Photographic reproductions – whether in colour or in black and white – of works of art from the museums and collections of the Municipality of Rome can only be made by the Superintendency of the Cultural Assets of the Municipality of Rome [henceforth indicated as “Superintendency”] directly or under the direct control of the Superintendency’s personnel. Furthermore, the copyright belongs to the Municipality of Rome, in accordance with the legislative regulations currently in force.

2. No photograph can be published or reproduced in any way without the written authorization of the Superintendency.

3. The granting of authorisation depends on the recipient’s acceptance of the regulations here stated. To this end, the recipient must send the management of the relevant museum a signed copy of this sheet, as well as the attached form, completed in its entirety, to allow the amount payable on rights to be calculated.

4. Permission for reproduction is limited to the works explicitly mentioned in the authorisation only, and for the methods of publication indicated; it is valid only once and does not confer either exclusive rights nor any rights beyond the present occasion; it cannot be sold, gifted, or in any way transferred to a third person (including heirs, business takeovers or subcontractors) without the specific written consent of the Superintendency; it cannot be employed in any form of commercial propaganda, advertising or promotion.

5. In the reproduction, the work of art illustrated cannot not be subject to any form of manipulation, alteration or distortion without the written permission of the Superintendency; in the case of the reproduction of one or more details, this circumstance must be clearly indicated.

6. The copyright of the Municipality of Rome, the name of the museum or of the collection and, where appropriate, the name of the photographer must be clearly indicated in the photographic references. The precise reference will be indicated in the authorisation given by the Superintendency. Failure, even partial, to comply with these regulations, will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

7. It is in the power of the Superintendency to request in advance drafts relating to the works belonging to the Municipality of Rome and to make the authorization of reproduction dependent on control of the drafts.

8. Two copies of the publication must be given to the management of the municipal museum where is the reproduced object is kept. In the case of the reproduction of multiple works from various museums and municipal collections, it is in the power of the Superintendency to demand an adequate number of copies.

9. It is possible to request duplicates of prints in black and white, and transparencies and slides in colour. Under no circumstances will the original positives or archive negatives in black and white owned by the Superintendency be consigned. In the case that the reproduction is made by the requester, a copy must be consigned to the Superintendency.

10. The requester is obliged to reimburse the Superintendency for the cost of the photography, as well as paying for the reproduction rights. In the event that the requester already possesses a photograph, correctly acquired from the Superintendency, only the paymeny for reproduction rights will be requested. No photographs will be consigned prior to complete payment of costs and rights.

11. The reproduction authorization will be revoked by the Superintendency in the event of default or false declarations by the requester.

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