Aperitivo ad Arte

Museo di Roma and Brascafè
30/09 - 14/11/2010
Museo di Roma,
Hall on the second floor of Palazzo Braschi - Entrance from Piazza Navona, 2

Special Opening of the exhibition "Il Risorgimento a colori" and aperitif with jazz music.
Jazz music, the colours of the Risorgimento and drinks against the background of Piazza Navona. These are the ingredients of the special event “Aperitivo ad arte” hosted at the Museum of Rome on Thursday, September 30 and then on every Sunday until November 14.

The event is sponsored by Roma Capitale, Department of Cultural Affairs and Communication - Superintendence of Cultural Heritage with the organization of Zètema Progetto Cultura.
The aperitif starts at 7.00 pm at the Brascafè, where you can sip a cocktail watching the magical scenery of Piazza Navona. Later, the jazz concert in the splendid rooms of the museum and, finally, a guide will take visitors on a night tour of the exhibition “Il Risorgimento a colori” The tours are organized by "èarrivatoGodot”.

- Thursday, September 30: Vigliar G Trio
Gianluca Vigliar-Tenor Sax
Luca Fattorini-Bass
Enrico Morello-Drums

- Sunday, October 3: Daniele Tittarelli Trio
Daniele Tittarelli-alto sax
Vincenzo Florio-bass
Marco Valeri-Drums

- Sunday, October 10: "Fresh Fish" Trio
Marco Valeri-Drums
Luca Fattorini-Bass
Domenico Sanna-Fender Rhodes

- Sunday, October 17: No Stress Trio
Francesco Poeti-Guitar
Giulio Scarpato-Bass
Andrea Nunzi-Drums

- Sunday, October 24: Tony Formichella" Blue Book Trio"
Tony Formichella-Tenor Sax
Luca Fattorini-Bass
Armando Sciommeri-Drums

- Sunday, October 31: : Nicoletta Manzini Trio
Nicoletta Manzini-Alto Sax
Marco Loddo-Bass
Adam Pache-Drums

- Sunday, November 7: Paolo Recchia Trio
Paolo Recchia-alto sax
Nicola Muresu-bass
Nicola Angelucci-Drums

- Sunday, November 14: Alice Ricciardi Duo
Alice Ricciardi-Voice
Enrico Bracco-Guitar


Museo di Roma
, Hall on the second floor of Palazzo Braschi - Entrance from Piazza Navona, 2

Aperitif: 7.00 pm; Concert: 8.00 pm; Guided tour to the exhibition: 9.00 pm

Billet d'entrée

€ 11,00 (Subject to availability).
Tickets can be purchased only at the Museum Ticket Office on the day of the event from 7.00 pm.
It is not possible to book in advance or through the 060608 Contac Centre.


+39 060608 (every day from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm)

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