Caffè Braschi by Vivi Bistrot

Users can access the cafeteria from Piazza Navona.

To enter the museum they must use the entrance from Piazza San Pantaleo.

Vivi Bistrot

Bras Cafè is an elegant Art Bar at Palazzo Braschi, home to the Museum of Rome, with entrance from Piazza Navona, where one can enjoy an extraordinary view from the terrace, and from Piazza San Pantaleo, along corso Vittorio.
Open for breakfast and lunch, afternoon tea and aperitif, Bras Cafè is the perfect choice for everyone: with tasty breakfasts and a wide variety of dishes for lunch.

All lovers of the English atmosphere can enjoy, in the afternoon, the rarest and finest teas and infusions, accompanied by a slice of cake or homemade sandwich.
The evening aperitif is a journey through art, music, cocktails and finger food in a breathtaking location. More info -> Cafeteria


from 10.00 to 00.00.
Closed on Monday