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Culture KIDS collects events dedicated to children.

Activities that inspire children's creativity and imagination: starting from the contents of the museums, they can play or express themselves by telling their collections through their eyes.

Cultura KIDS


Down the mask!

And what about celebrities wearing the masks? Would you recognise them? Who would hide their face under there? Find the rhyme and discover the character...
You will also get to know the funny masks from the Sovrintendenza Capitolina's collection of antique toys, which you can download from the attached pdf file and recreate at home. The Sovrintendenza is exhibiting online the many amusing masks from the Collection of Antique Toys, created in Germany between 1900 and 1910. The masks (representing many different characters, from the Chinese peasant, to the Indian chief, the clown, Pierrette - Pierrot's wife, and more) are cardboard lithographs, the work of the Berlin publisher Adolf Sala Kunstverlag. Worn at Carnival, they allowed women and men of all classes and conditions to experience a reversal of roles at this time of year. So behind the masks of ladies or exotic female characters a male identity could be concealed, while women could take on the appearance of an old man, a dandy or a tramp. Drop the mask is the online game to get to know this collection.
Curated by the Sovrintendenza Single Catalogue Coordination Service and Educational Activities.

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> Download Carnival Masks Antique Toy

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