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Special appointments to visit the museum from home and learn more about its history and heritage. These are special virtual tours and video stories enriched by audio and image recordings to explain the museum and its masterpieces.

Piano III - Sala 17  "Demolizioni della Spina dei Borghi"  ©Mimmo Frassineti



The new virtual tour of the Museo di Roma, accessible from all mobile devices, offers a journey to discover the heritage's excellence through a digital experience that crosses the space limits of almost the whole museum space.The virtual tour has a special entrance: flying over Piazza Navona with a 360° aerial view you will be introduced into the museum rooms. A special 360° VR that takes the visitor down and into the model allows them to visit the modello della cappella Rospigliosi - Pallavicini chapel in San Francesco a Ripa from the inside.
With the dedicated panels it is possible to move virtually around the museum, read the panels describing the rooms and works of art, visit 60 new 360° rooms, browse through photo and video galleries and enjoy other contextual content.
The Do Not Miss section, containing a practical visual list of selected exhibits or rooms, is a useful tool for those unfamiliar with the museum and visiting it for the first time.
The tour is also enriched by smart maps that follow the visitor as he or she moves from one room to another, pointing out rooms or works not yet displayed.

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Podcast of the Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali.

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